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Get The Pricing for Profit Calculator and Bonuses for only $37!

Here's what you'll get:

  • A detailed to-do checklist to help you get it done!
  • BONUS video walk through to get you using your calculator fast.
  • A look at my own real business expenses to help you plot out yours so you can finally understand your cost of doing business (CODB).
  • See exactly what you need to charge to hit your money goals using a robust summary page - all of the business numbers you actually care about pulled together for you in one place to help you make educated, aligned business decisions.
  • 10 package pages to enter your own pricing & costs and see, at a glance, what you’re actually profiting, which packages have the greatest impact on your bottom line, and which ones might not be worth your time.
  • Test out endless business models (or new niche ideas), to see if they’re a fit before you put in the work to build them in real life
  • BONUS: Real world photo business examples to show you several pricing models in action and help you think outside the box when it comes to designing a business that’s best for you

Note: the Pricing for Profit Calculator is a Google sheet and will require access to a desktop computer, internet connection, and a free Google account.

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What People Are Saying:

Never have I found it SO simple to understand how I need to price my work to earn what I need. I always wonder if I'm making the right decisions for my businesses. This tool helps me find the best places to focus my energy and feel confident in my next steps. This is easily worth WAY more than you're charging for it!

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