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Get 25 Essential Emails & Bonuses For Only $27!


  • 25 Fully Customizable Email Templates - Make sure you're giving your clients a great experience every single time.
  • Tech Tutorials - I'll show you exactly how to set your templates up in your mail program so you're ready to respond & connect with just a few clicks.
  • Pro Tips - Like a mini business course, I'll tell you exactly why each email is there and what your business stands to gain from putting it to use!
  • LIMITED TIME BONUS: My Canva Pricing Page Template - Kick your professionalism up a notch!

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What People Are Saying:

This workflow is like a breath of fresh air for me. Photography is currently my side-hustle, and my struggle with email has actually prevented me from pursuing more of it - my imposter syndrome takes over, making me second-guess every exclamation point, signature, and even initial greetings. Having these templates ready to go in Gmail will literally save me hours of anxiety and work in a week. Professional but filled with personality, specific yet so customizable, and written in a way that's sure to give my clients a better experience. And total bonus, the pro tips are a game changer.


Dang, this could completely change a biz! This is a really, really valuable resource for a wedding photog at any stage, whether a newbie or just someone who's been at it forever without much of a plan. It’s really thorough, well designed, easy to implement, professional, and transformational content. The tips at the bottom of each page are seriously like a mini biz course. I can just see wheels turning and eyes getting big as people read through this!